Councillors’ Clean Green Choice Award (only Councillors can nominate)

Each Brisbane City Councillor has the opportunity to nominate one local idea or activity that has made a real difference in their local community to waste management, education or litter prevention.

1 prize to the value of $350

Litter Prevention Award (contains 4 awards)

This category has four awards: individual aged 5-17 years, individual 18+ years, and two awards for community groups.. The award is to recognise efforts related to litter management, litter reduction and education initiatives This can include participating in established programs (e.g. 104 or More, Clean Up Australia Day, etc), which contribute to a cleaner, litter-free Brisbane.

4 prizes to the value of $350 each

Waste Innovation Award

To recognise innovation and achievement in waste management, which includes all activities (i.e. research, design, tools, processes, programs) where the outcome of the activity leads to the reduction, recycling and/or re-purposing of resources.

1 prize to the value of $350

Brisbane’s Clean Green Award

This award is open to all. It recognises efforts related to waste management, reduction and education initiatives e.g. community engagement, awareness and education programs.

1 prize to the value of $350

People’s Choice Litter Prevention Award

The public is invited to vote for the one winner in this category. This category comprises the Finalists shortlisted by the judges across all categories.

1 prize to the value of $350

Clean Schools Award (contains 2 awards)

This category has two awards: Primary School or Education Centre (e.g. kindy or early learning centre) and a Secondary School. The award is to encourage and recognise implemented environmental initiatives that have a focus on litter reduction, waste management and education.

2 prizes to the value of $350 each

Outstanding Clean Green Award

To recognise outstanding long-term commitment to waste management and litter reduction, which has occurred over at least the past three years and includes a high proportion of volunteer effort.

1 prize to the value of $350


A panel of Cleaner Suburbs assessors evaluates all entries. The assessors will then refer the finalists to the Cleaner Suburbs judges who are responsible for selecting the winners. All finalists are also be eligible for the People's Choice Litter Prevention Award which is voted on by the public.

Prize Pool

There is more than $4000 in prizes for the Cleaner Suburbs Award program. For details on prizes per category, please refer to the terms and conditions page.